Thursday, 22 October 2009

What Katie Did corsets

What Katie Did designer Katie Halford began her career as a corset fitter over 15 years ago, before going on to develop her own collection. A decade on from the launch of her company, What Katie Did's now-famous corset range has grown from one style to an impressive eight; with the A/W 09 collection boasting what must be the largest choice of corsets around. There's a cut to suit every shape and size; and a style that will appeal to everyone - from glamour queens and tight-lacing Dita-wannabes, to those simply looking for something saucy to wear on a night out... or a night in!

Overbust Corsets

is the most popular of What Katie Did's corsets, with a gently curved silhouette
that's neither too extreme-looking or constricting to put off corset newcomers; but with just the right amount of cinching to satisfy experienced wearers. Its curved cups ensure that A-E-cup breasts are pushed delicately upwards and together. Those who are considerably more endowed needn't despair though, because decadent Dolly combines the same classic cut with slightly more room in the bust; perfect for those lucky ladies whose D+ cups runneth over.

These two have a naughty big sister, Laurie - an overbust style with real
va-va-voom. It features the same shaped cups for perfect uplift, but with WKD's signature gored hips, Laurie gives a fantastically well-defined waistline. It's enough to make even Jessica Rabbit jealous!

The 18th Century-inspired Antoinette is the WKD's newest overbust style. Its balconette bustline and innovative pointed sides mean that even the most well-upholstered needn't fear an overspill of fulsome flesh - simply a ravishing pair of (well-supported!) heaving bosoms. With gored hips for a truly ravishing silhouette, it's just like its antique counterpart, but considerably more comfortable. 

Underbust Corsets

Gina was the very first corset that What Katie Did designed, and it's still a firm favourite amongst their customers. It gives a smooth and defined shape, but,
like Sophia, not one that's too extreme. The addition of the signature gores to this basic underbust created Mae. The beauty of the goring is that hips are not compressed, and waists can therefore be cinched down even further, for a very pronounced hourglass shape. Those with a large waist-hip ratio look particularly spectacular in the gored hip versions of What Katie Did's corsets for this reason!  

Wickedly tempting, Morticia is a slightly longer-line style based on the Mae shape, and the latest version to incorporate goring. The longer busk and lower hip-line ensure that shapely derrieres are shown off to their full advantage, while the waist is pulled in as tightly as desired. Morticia is so well cut and designed, that many customers find they can actually go down a size!  

The newest underbust style, Baby, is a little 7” waist cincher designed to be worn under clothes. It's directly inspired by Christian Dior's post-war New Look fashions, and the boned waist-nippers that his models were tightly laced into to achieve that incredibly dramatic silhouette. Baby's clever cut allows the waist to be substantially reduced, but its small size makes it incredibly comfortable.


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