Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Christina Hendricks in What Katie Did

A couple of months ago one of our stockists 'Pandora's Choice' got their knickers in a bit of a twist as US GQ called in some What Katie Did goodies direct from them for Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks. We rushed around to ensure they had the right sizes, but to tell you the truth I wanted to tell them not to get too excited as the vast majority of call-ins never get used. Well, it turns out that they were right to get excited as both the UK and US editions of GQ feature several pages of Christina looking very 'Joan Holloway' in our Glamour Merry Widow and Lulu Corselette!

All in all, it makes our UK September Vogue coverage more than a little weedy with just a hint of Maitresse Bullet Bra, and even less of our Harlow Bullet Bra!

Monday, 19 July 2010

What Katie Did in Italian Vogue

It's been a crazy couple of weeks here at WKD which means that the non essentials, such as blogging, tend to be sidelined - although some of you have noticed a tiny picture of our Josephine bra in Elle, and our Antoinette corset in Diva magazine.

However busy we might be, some press just cannot be ignored, so when Italian Vogue came out with a fashion story photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth and featuring Diona Tabbers we just had to let you know.

Josephine knickers

Deco bra (yes, I know it's credited to Dolce & Gabbana but it's ours I promise! It's not online at the moment but will be in our Summer sale which starts on 2nd August.)

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Kylie's Bullet Bra

Kylie Minogue's new single 'All The Lovers' was released last Monday and it's accompanied by a suitably risque video in which Kylie wears some retro style lingerie you might recognise! Actually the bra and knickers aren't ours but made by a certain Mr Jean Paul Gaultier. However, our Padded Bullet Bra is very, very similar, as are our Maitresse Deep Knickers, and are a much more affordable option!

Friday, 25 June 2010

Viva Van Story photographs What Katie Did

I've been a big fan of Viva Van Story's photography for several years now and thought I was finally going to meet her at Viva Las Vegas this year. Alas, things got a little crazy and the closest we got was when two of her glamorous assistants arrived at my hotel room to pick up a bag of WKD goodies. Viva sent over some of the pictures this week which, I'm sure you'll agree, look absolutely stunning. The model is wearing our Cabaret Morticia Corset with Harlow lingerie.

You'd be right in thinking that there is a little bit of competition between pin up photographers but I'm pleased to say that Tony Nylons (who is responsible for most of the photography on our site) is also a huge fan of Viva and has even gone so far as to put her new book on sale via his website. The book is slightly more risque than Tony's work, which should please Mr X who complained to him last week that his pictures weren't saucy enough! In case you're wondering, Amazon aren't discounting it (and currently don't even have stock) so you can support a small business without loosing out financially...

Friday, 18 June 2010

What Katie Did on This Morning

Those of you with sharp eyes might have noticed our Glamour Corselette featured on ITV's This Morning on Tuesday. This Morning did a feature on shapewear and well fitting lingerie in general and it was nice to see a variety of different sizes being shown. We're working on getting the clip online but we were 5 minutes into the film and only on for a second so by the time we edit it, there won't be much to see!


Tuesday, 15 June 2010

What Katie Did in Vogue India

We're very excited to add Vogue India to the list of Vogue editions we've been featured in. India Vogue is special to us as a lot of our lingerie is manufactured in India, including the Padded Bullet Bra featured in the shoot!

Monday, 14 June 2010

What Katie Did goes to Vegas!

NOTW's Fabulous magazine headed off to Vegas for a glamorous showgirl inspired shoot. The shoot included our Pigalle Mae corset (in turn inspired by Parisian showgirls!)

I mentioned being on Angela and Friends (Sky 1) a couple of weeks ago and have now managed to source a little clip which can be found on our main blog here.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

What Katie Did in Vogue Paris

The newly wed  Mrs Walliams is in June/July's Paris Vogue modelling our Glamour Corselette. It's great to see Lara Stone back in WKD!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Weekend press round up

We were lucky enough to be featured in the Sunday papers not once, but twice yesterday! There's a great picture of our Maitresse bullet bra in NOTW's Fabulous magazine, whilst our Maitresse bullet bra and knickers made an appearance in The Sunday Times' Style magazine hot list. The Sunday Times bit of press was via Urban Outfitters who stock our lingerie and swimwear online (for some reason swimwear isn't showing up, but if you put What Katie Did in the search box it does show), in their Oxford Street, London store, and also (we think) Stockholm, Sweden store.

Last week our Glamour Longline Bra made an appearance on 'Angela and Friends' chat show on Sky 1 as part of an underwear as outerwear fashion feature.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

What Katie Did in The Sunday Times

A couple of weeks ago we all got rather excited to find out that we were featured in a forthcoming Madonna Style shoot for The Sunday Times. But, the big question was, would it be a 'Madonna style shoot' (influenced by Madonna) or 'Madonna Style shoot' (featuring the great lady herself). The items they used were our Harlow bullet bra and Glamour panty girdle and I kind of knew that it wouldn't be the real deal as Madonna rarely does the same look - and if she did return to the bullet bra she'd no doubt give Mr Gaultier a ring. The feature came out today and is, in fact, about her new range of sunglasses which she's put together with Dolce & Gabanna: very nice they are too!

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Well Hello, Anthea Turner!

Can you believe Anthea Turner is 50? Neither could we when we saw her in our Sailor Bikini in this week's Hello magazine. We've had a it of a run on our Sailor Swimsuits and Bikinis since their launch in March but will be fully stocked up in a few days (although I can't guarantee for how long!)

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Davina McCall in What Katie Did

It was a nice surprise on Sunday to open News of the World's Fabulous magazine to find the one and only Davina McCall in one of our Antoinette corsets. Antoinette is designed to push the breasts into a sexy balconette shape (dare I say that I would have laced Davina a little more tightly myself - get ready to breath in!)

We've also had a tiny bit of press in the trade lingerie press about the revamp of our London boutique. We've had so much mainstream press recently, added to the fact that we've picked up big stockists including Urban Outfitters, Topshop and Liberty of London and have been featured in feature films including The Nowhere Boy (only this week we sent 150 bullet bras to Shepperton Studios!) that it seems strange that the lingerie trade press has totally ignored us (and this hasn't been down to lack of press releases!) In fact, I actually telephoned Lingerie Buyer to ask why we were being ignored: apparently the trade press is all to do with keeping current advertisers happy and nothing to do with covering the hottest products. Anyway, it has resulted in a teeny tiny feature in this month's issue which I will try and make the most of as we probably won't be featured again! I really don't know why I should get upset about not getting trade press coverage, especially when the fashion press feature us so regularly. I guess it's one of those things that keep What Katie Did continually striving to be better.

Friday, 21 May 2010

What Katie Did Cyprus Press Coverage

International interest in What Katie Did continues to grow and this week we've had our first press coverage in Cyprus. Omikron magazine have featured our Padded Bullet Bra and Cabaret Sheer Morticia Corset (top picture) and Harlow Bullet Bra (bottom picture).

Thursday, 20 May 2010

French and German Press

Our press intern, Zara, has discovered our Jane bullet bra in last November's Paris Vogue. The bra had already been discontinued by the time they borrowed it, but you can't say no to Vogue. Stylist Carine Roitfield has just called in some more lingerie for August's Paris Vogue so fingers crossed we'll have something featured which is still available!

A big thank you to Jenny who brought a couple of German magazines who had featured What Katie Did into our boutique a couple of weeks ago. The first, Dynamite, features our Josephine corselette and Glamour girdle, both of which are available from German stockist ARS Vivendi, whilst Life & Style magazine featured our Sailor Bikini which is available from Rockabilly Clothing.


Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What Katie Did in The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail
featured our Maitresse bullet bra in a 'push up bra comparison' feature: which is rather bizarre as the bullet bra is not supposed to push up at all! If anything it pushes out. Anyway, for this reason we can't be too disappointed with our 2 out of 5 rating: after all, they did rate us top in their bullet bra comparison feature a few months ago (I should think so too!) Here's what they have to say:

What Katy Did Bullet Bra, £27.50

With its its retro feel and Madonna-esque conical cups this bra certainly gives you a different shape to most others on the market. Cone-shaped bosoms are guaranteed to give you an attention-grabbing shape, whatever your bra size. But while it's great fun, I'm not sure this is really wardrobe staple - maybe great fancy dress party instead.


Friday, 14 May 2010

Besame cosmetics at What Katie Did

It's been a tumultuous few months in the UK, both politically, economically, and environmentally. And it's a proven fact that when times are tough, British women turn to little treats like lipstick to lift their spirits and help them 'put on a brave face'. The hard-working girls of World War Two famously tried to keep morale high by always looking good despite their hardships. The epic queues that greeted new shipments of lipstick during those dark years proved what a slick of pillarbox red can do, both for the wearer and those she encounters!


Vintage glamour has always been the order of the day for What Katie Did. Not content with making ladies across the world look fabulous from the neck down, the UK's top retro lingerie designers have just added the entire range of gorgeous Besame Cosmetics to their website and Portobello Road boutique. Just as What Katie Did aim to do with their lingerie, this Californian makeup company strives to make women feel beautiful and glamorous, combining stunning vintage-style packaging design with very modern, all-natural formulas that both pamper skin and stay firmly put.



Their signature product is the Classic Enchanting Lipstick. Each of the 10 different shades of highly pigmented colour comes in a little 1940s style gold metal bullet, etched with Besame's Art Deco-inspired logo. Their uniquely shaped tip, and semi-matte formula makes application a breeze and dry lips a distant memory. The Voluptuous Lip Colour sets feature a full-sized lipstick in a glossy black enamel tube, a matching liner and a rather nifty little ergonomic lip brush. The Boudoir Rouge and Vintage Alluring Eyeshadows are packaged in little mirrored metal cases, perfect for applying on the go. Besame's practical Classic Masterliner Pencils come in eye, lip and eyebrow varieties. The refillable Cashmere Powder Compact is the sort of thing you imagine a silver-screen movie star would pull from her designer handbag, and even comes with a little velvet travel pouch! Finally, for those modern girls who can't quite give up glosses, there are the Classic Glazes and the tinted Sweetheart Balm, with its cute glass
and bakelite pot. None of Besame's products are tested on animals, neither do they contain any nasties like parabens, sulfates or synthetic fragrances... with natural vanilla, rose and cherry scents galore, they all smell as gorgeous as they look.


What Katie Did is the only UK company to carry the entire Besame range, and the boutique is the only place to have them on display, ready to be seen, touched and tried! Almost all the staff members at the shop are trained makeup artists, and all have declared their undying love for Besame's gorgeously green products. It's hard to imagine a more ringing endorsement!


So, at a time when we could all do with a bit of extra cheer (and a stiff upper lip!), a flash of Besame Red would certainly not go amiss. Lipstick is firmly back in fashion, and it shows no sign of fading!

Friday, 30 April 2010

Gemma Arterton in What Katie Did

We were very excited to learn that our Harlow Bullet Bra would be featured in May's InStyle magazine, but when it came out a few weeks ago I couldn't see any sign of us! Yesterday I had an email from Fergus at Besame cosmetics (more news on Besame soon!) saying that we were in InStyle USA. Not only that Brit Bond girl Gemma Arterton is the model. Whilst this is good news it doesn't quite make up for the fact that the next Bond movie is on hold due to MGM's financial woes. Fingers crossed we'll see Daniel Craig back for his 3rd Bond adventure soon.

Monday, 26 April 2010

What Katie Did in Wonderland magazine

Whilst it would be nice to have a little break after the hustle and bustle of London Burlesque Week, things are still going crazy at What Katie Did: we've several developments in the pipeline for next month including a revamped search facility and checkout screen on our website and some new lingerie in early May with Besame cosmetics being added to our site in late May - plus the little matter of our head office relocation. In the meantime we've had some great press coverage in Wonderland magazine, including our cute little Deco waspie which hasn't made it in print until now!

Deco waspie

Glamour waist cincher

Harlow bullet bra and suspender

Glamour corselette


Tuesday, 20 April 2010

What Katie Did in Paris Vogue

May's issue of Paris Vogue gets rather saucy, with an 'Erotica' shoot by Steven Klein. It features Lily Donaldson in lots of lingerie and nylons - including our Deco knickers (which are in good company amongst all the Dior, Chanel and Valentino!) The stockings featured are 100% nylon seamfree rht stockings - find similar ones here.

Monday, 19 April 2010

What Katie Did, pin ups and wine (what more could you want?)

It's not often you come across a swanky looking wine stall at a hotrod show (especially one where the wine is not supposed to be consumed there and then), but they tend to do things a little different in Vegas. We stumbled upon 'Sort This Out' cellars, a Californian winery which not only takes its' wine, but also it's bottle labels very seriously. We were delighted to see Jami Deadly decorating a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in our pink Maitresse lingerie set (now discontinued, but is still available in black or white).

We like the way they talk too: 'Tired of the traditional wine country narrative, we wanted to move beyond the iconic family winery, or estate grown grape paradigms that have dominated the California wine landscape and instead make wines that looked more like the people who drank them. Inspired by an old picture of the Rat Pack outside The Sands hotel in 1961, we called upon the values of a time when men had character, and women had curves. A time when you could smoke, drink, curse, and have a good time without apology. We built our wines around this classic American adult spirit, so eroded by political correctness and fear, to create wines that were unapologetic in their character. Wines that pair with good times and friends. We make wines that are just as at home at the poker table as the dinner table.'


Thursday, 15 April 2010

Miss Polly Rae and her Hurly Burly Girlies

Miss Polly Rae and her fabulous Hurly Burly Girlies added a little va va voom to London's West End with their new show, directed by William Baker, earlier this year. The show sold out for the whole of it's run with everyone from Kylie Minogue to our very own Tony Nylons attending - along with all the major press who gave the show rave reviews. Miss Polly Rae was kind enough to forward some pictures of the Hurly Burly Girlies in our Cabaret Sheer Morticia corsets (pics by Phil Bourne).

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

What Katie Did in Look magazine

This week's Look magazine features our Harlow Bullet Bra as part of an 'underwear as outerwear' shoot. Everyone seems to be going crazy for peach vintage style lingerie this season and our Harlow Bullet bra is flying off the shelves! The magazine also includes a cute picture of Dita Von Teese out and about at the Viva Las Vegas car show a couple of weeks ago - for those of you who couldn't see her through all the crowds!

Monday, 12 April 2010

Gywneth Paltrow in What Katie Did

Gwyneth Paltrow looks absolutely stunning in our Padded Bullet Bra and Maitresse Knickers in May's UK Vogue. The photography is by no less than Mario Testino and the interview was by one of my favourite journalists Christa D'Souza (we're on a big of a high here at WKD towers!)

Easter weekend saw our peach Ballet Knickers in the Sunday Times Style magazine as part of a colourful Spring feature.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

What Katie Did and Liberty of London

Liberty of London's SS10 magazine has just landed on my desk and includes a rather splendid picture of What Katie Did's Josephine underwired bra. The exclusive tag doesn't apply to the bra, or the Vivienne Westwood dress, but the bracelet. It looks like Liberty has some luscious lingerie for SS10 including Bordelle's cage dress and some very saucy hosiery by Wolford and Bebaroque.

Monday, 15 March 2010

What Katie Did in Fabulous magazine

Clare and I were in the What Katie Did boutique last week discussing the sorrowful state of our corset press coverage. Whilst we get lots of press coverage for our lingerie, our corsets are rarely seen. Clare said that even though we include instruction cards explaining that the back laces need to be loosened before the corset is worn, most of the corsets we send out come back obviously not tried on properly. I guess other corsetiers have the same problem as proper steel boned corsets don't make the fashion pages very often. So, it was a nice surprise to open yesterdays NOTW's Fabulous magazine to see our Cabaret Sheer Morticia corset properly laced up and looking rather splendid!

Friday, 12 March 2010

What Katie Did in Elle and I-D

We had our first appearance in British Elle this month which is very exciting. They've featured our padded bullet bra (which seems to be a favourite amongst the press - probably because it's good for models' smaller busts) and Maitresse knickers which are just peeking out from beneath a lovely peach corset (not ours, but if you'd like a similar one at a fifth of the price we recommend our Cabaret sheer Sophia).

We're also featured in the pre-Spring edition of I-D magazine, with our Morticia corset being worn by Pheonix Richmond (daughter of fashion designer John Richmond although she won't thank me for reminding you - but as I'm such a big fan of his work I had to let you know!)


Tuesday, 9 March 2010

What Katie Did Peek Magazine launch

Last Sunday we had our Harlow bullet bra appear in NOTW's Fabulous magazine. It seems like all the Sunday papers were going crazy for the 'underwear as outerwear' story last weekend. I've no idea why! April's Vogue has continued with the theme with some great pictures of Kate Moss (alas, not our lingerie, but they're great images).

Sunday also saw the launch of Peek! magazine in our boutique. Our boutique has only just recovered from it's refurbishment and it was the first time we were filled to capacity which meant that our extra space came in very handy! Feedback from customers over the last few days has been overwhelmingly positive:

'I would like to offer my sincere thanks and appreciation. From the moment I walked into your store, I was made welcome; I was treated with courtesy and professionalism. Your staff are very knowledgeable, and patient! I really appreciate the time and effort they expended in helping me make my purchases, and making the right purchases. Retail is a tough business, and the recession has made things harder for a lot of people, but I believe you have a brand, a reputation and staff to succeed in even these trying times.'

The main shop floor

Taking a peek at Peek! magazine

Press manager Clare Marie with our
'press wall'

New changing rooms and chill out

By this point Peek! photographer Tony Nylons had decided to liven up the proceedings by taking a peek into the changing rooms. I'm afraid you'll have to wait until the next issue of Peek! to see more... Peek! magazine can be purchased from What Katie Did online or instore, or from
Peek! magazine direct
(who also do subscriptions).