Monday, 19 April 2010

What Katie Did, pin ups and wine (what more could you want?)

It's not often you come across a swanky looking wine stall at a hotrod show (especially one where the wine is not supposed to be consumed there and then), but they tend to do things a little different in Vegas. We stumbled upon 'Sort This Out' cellars, a Californian winery which not only takes its' wine, but also it's bottle labels very seriously. We were delighted to see Jami Deadly decorating a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in our pink Maitresse lingerie set (now discontinued, but is still available in black or white).

We like the way they talk too: 'Tired of the traditional wine country narrative, we wanted to move beyond the iconic family winery, or estate grown grape paradigms that have dominated the California wine landscape and instead make wines that looked more like the people who drank them. Inspired by an old picture of the Rat Pack outside The Sands hotel in 1961, we called upon the values of a time when men had character, and women had curves. A time when you could smoke, drink, curse, and have a good time without apology. We built our wines around this classic American adult spirit, so eroded by political correctness and fear, to create wines that were unapologetic in their character. Wines that pair with good times and friends. We make wines that are just as at home at the poker table as the dinner table.'


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