Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Christina Hendricks in What Katie Did

A couple of months ago one of our stockists 'Pandora's Choice' got their knickers in a bit of a twist as US GQ called in some What Katie Did goodies direct from them for Mad Men actress Christina Hendricks. We rushed around to ensure they had the right sizes, but to tell you the truth I wanted to tell them not to get too excited as the vast majority of call-ins never get used. Well, it turns out that they were right to get excited as both the UK and US editions of GQ feature several pages of Christina looking very 'Joan Holloway' in our Glamour Merry Widow and Lulu Corselette!

All in all, it makes our UK September Vogue coverage more than a little weedy with just a hint of Maitresse Bullet Bra, and even less of our Harlow Bullet Bra!

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