Sunday, 15 November 2009

Dannii Minogue in What Katie Did

The girl of Autumn 2009 has to be Dannii Minogue. She's defied all her critics and is beating Cheryl Cole hands down in the X Factor style wars. Not that we don't adore Cheryl, but it is nice to see the underdog claim her crown! She's interviewed by Christa D'Souza (one of my favourite journalists) in today's Sunday Times Style magazine. The accompanying pictures show her in Dolce & Gabbana vintage style lingerie and could it be? Yes they are - our Retro Seamed Stockings! We market our Retro Seams as affordable, everyday stockings (at £5 they add a little sparkle to the dreariest day) but they've now been given the X Factor! Unfortunately the image isn't online yet so you'll have to make do with our product image below - I'll upload Dannii's picture tomorrow.

In recent months a lot of designers have been featuring vintage style lingerie in their shows and I've been asked a few times if I find it annoying that people are 'copying' our style. The answer is no. The fashion houses in question all have a long history of using vintage style lingerie from time to time in their collections and if anything, I'm guilty of being overly influenced by them. The picture below shows Cindy Crawford modelling for Dolce & Gabanna way back in 1995. I guess this post is just an excuse to post the picture below as it is one of my favourites! The collection was released a good few years before I founded What Katie Did but looking back at it now you can see how I've been influenced the styling (long satin gloves, flower in hair, opaque seamed stockings etc).

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