Tuesday, 9 February 2010

What Katie Did boutique revamp

It's been nearly a month since I last posted, but as usual, it's not that we've been lazy! I can't tell you everything that we've been up to (don't worry, you won't have to wait long to find out) but can let you know of our most immediate plans: our London boutique revamp.

The What Katie Did boutique can only be described as rather bijous, which means that at busy times it's not only our girdles that feel snug! We really do love Portobello and wouldn't dream of moving so have managed to persuade our landlords to let us knock down that wall between our boutique and next door. The result will give us more space which we'll divide into a dressing area and a little press office. The dressing area will be of most interest to you as you'll be able to book it in advance if you know you're going to need a lengthy fitting session, whilst your boyfriend can relax with a cup of coffee and the latest issue of Peek magazine away from the bustle of the main boutique. We're also taking the opportunity to revamp our existing boutique, giving it a more glamorous and opulent feel. Staff-wise things are also changing: our current manageress, Nicola, is leaving to concentrate on her make up career (she just done her first cover for Front magazine - out next month - and is a regular at LFW). Vicky (Nicola's ex boss!) is going to take over as manageress: you might have already met her as she's already done a few Saturdays for us.
Meanwhile Mam'zelle Maz will be joining Clare in what must surely be the most glamorous press team in London.

Unfortunately we don't have a magic wand and we will have to close for two weeks for the work to take place. We'll be closing at 6pm on Saturday 13th February, re-opening on Monday 1st March.

Make a note in your diary to keep Sunday 7th March clear. That's the launch date for Peek magazine, a new magazine devoted to stockings, fun and frolics! Join us at our boutique between 2 and 4pm to meet the Peek team and have a bit of a knees up!

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