Friday, 19 February 2010

What Katie Did boutique update

We've been very busy revamping our London boutique this week and we're on schedule to re-open on Monday 1st March as planned. This week has been rather messy, knocking down walls and the like, so it was a good job our decorators Miss Miranda and Persia came suitably dressed for the job in their clean white overalls. It didn't take long for photographer Tony Nylons to suggest that perhaps they didn't want to get paint on their clean white overalls and quickly came up with a solution. These kind of things only happen at What Katie Did!

The hole in the wall: we've knocked a hole into the boutique next door (with permission!) which will give us more room. The new area will be used as a big, luxurious, dressing room.

Miss Miranda checks the door is level.

Persia starts work on our naughty wall which will be covered with images from Exotique magazine.

If you're free on the afternoon of Sunday 7th March between 2pm and 4pm why not come down to the boutique for the launch party of Peek magazine?


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