Wednesday, 19 May 2010

What Katie Did in The Daily Mail

The Daily Mail
featured our Maitresse bullet bra in a 'push up bra comparison' feature: which is rather bizarre as the bullet bra is not supposed to push up at all! If anything it pushes out. Anyway, for this reason we can't be too disappointed with our 2 out of 5 rating: after all, they did rate us top in their bullet bra comparison feature a few months ago (I should think so too!) Here's what they have to say:

What Katy Did Bullet Bra, £27.50

With its its retro feel and Madonna-esque conical cups this bra certainly gives you a different shape to most others on the market. Cone-shaped bosoms are guaranteed to give you an attention-grabbing shape, whatever your bra size. But while it's great fun, I'm not sure this is really wardrobe staple - maybe great fancy dress party instead.


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