Sunday, 27 September 2009

Patsy Kensit in What Katie Did

I have to admit one of my guilty little pleasures is gossip magazines. I can get away with pretending that they're 'work' as several of them regularly borrow items from What Katie Did for shoots, including News of the World's Fabulous magazine.

Today Fabulous magazine launches Heels that Heal which involves celebrities auctioning their high heels, as well as a whole range of other goodies, for the charity Wellbeing of Women (which funds vital research into reproductive and gynaecological health). We're lucky enough to have Patsy Kensit model our Glamour corselette alongside her heels.

If any of you share my guilty pleasure I recommend that you read Piers Morgan's 'The Insider' which covers his 10 years at the helm of The Mirror. It's very interesting to find out exactly what goes on behind the scenes - naughty celebrities are often given the benefit of the doubt and appear to rely on the tabloids as much as the tabloids rely on them.

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