Thursday, 3 September 2009

What Katie Did in Pop Magazine

My, I'm on a roll with my blogging this week! Living in a little village makes finding slightly less mainstream publications quite difficult to find. A couple of years ago I asked  my local corner shop to special order me a copy of Pop magazine which we were featured in. A few weeks later the corner shop was taken over and I was quite surprised to find a big stack of Pop magazines on the shelf as soon as the next issue was published. I snapped up my copy and started feeling more than a little awkward as the big pile of Pop
magazines stayed on the shelf and I had to explain that unfortunately there was only one Pop customer in the area. They haven't given up on Pop, although they no longer give it prim position on the shelves. Last night I noticed it the Autumn/Winter edition on the top shelf and grabbed one. I've no idea how long it's been out - but surely it can't be long?

Pop is one of those magazines who always borrow items from What Katie Did, but very rarely use them (one of their studios is just up the road which makes us very convenient for last minute 'could be usefuls') so it was very exciting to discover our long sheer gloves and a suspender belt had been featured in this edition. The suspender belt picture just shows a clasp so I've no idea which model it is but why not try our Maitresse suspender belt as that is our most popular style).

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