Friday, 11 September 2009

What Katie Did in British Vogue

Many years ago I was discussing the passing of time with a friend who told me 'just you wait until you're 30, it really starts speeding up then!' She was right, but what she didn't tell me that once you hit 35 time starts to spiral out of control. Whilst in my head I'm still thinking it's March, we are in fact in September and at What Katie Did we're currently working on designs for next March. No wonder I never know if I'm coming or going. This problem is made worse by magazines who work 3 months in advance who and who's cover dates are invariably a month after they actually come out. Vogue magazine have done a rather festive 'Winter Warmer'  supplement which is rather alarming with it only being early September and the warmest it's been all summer (although I guess as the magazine is dated October which quite close to the frosty season). The supplement features our Harlow bullet bra as part of a 'barely there' lingerie feature, and from the picture (highlighted by my red star) you can see that is it barely there! I can assure you that it is more visible in the magazine.


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